Our Mental Performance Coaching empowers sports teams to achieve meaningful success. 

We develop more confident, resilient and connected high-performing teams. Through group workshops and strategic interventions, we support coaches and athletes to implement key mental skills and to better prepare, perform and reflect. 

We have a proven track record in helping sports teams, coaches and athletes to be happier, healthier and more successful.

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“Alan’s work took our program to the next level. The modern athlete, especially in the college environment, needs a coach off the field that they can trust. Alan’s commitment to the boys was felt from day one, and the environment he created in his workshops gave the group a chance to open up and be vulnerable with each other.

Sean Reilly, Manhattanville Men’s Soccer Head Coach and NCAA Skyline Conference Champions.

Sample Mental Performance Coaching Plan

Below is a recommended package based on successes and lessons learned from previous implementations. However, we do collaborate with coaches to tailor our Mental Performance Coaching to better suit the needs of each team. This programme has been designed to develop more confident, resilient and connected high-performing teams.

Workshop 1:  Leadership – We help athletes to maximize their strengths by developing authenticity, growth mindset and courage.

Workshop 2: Well-being – We help athletes to sustain performance and avoid burnout by developing self-awareness, resilience and self-compassion.

Workshop 3: Team Performance – We help athletes to reflect and find solutions that will improve performance levels. 

Workshop 4: Team Identity – We help athletes to build connection by developing a clear team vision and values framework.

Workshop 5: High Performance – We help athletes to perform under pressure by developing focus, mental toughness and confidence.